As part of its commitment towards providing accurate and timely information to migrants at all stages of migration, IOM has developed a series of materials for migrants that people can access at the country's Information Hubs.

The Information Hubs are centers that provide safe and accurate information about migration procedures, services for migrants, the risks of irregular migration, and regular migration options. They are coordinated by national and local authorities and supported by IOM. The Information Hubs seek to promote the protection of migrants and better management of migration.

Below, there are the resources available for each country, as well as general information about the Information Hub model and the services they offer.

Information for Migrants in Mexico

Mexico has more than 20 Information Hubs active. The names of the hubs vary due to the size and diversity of the country.

The main services they provide are general information and orientation, counseling and support for identity documents, links to shelters, among others.

Information for Migrants in Guatemala

The Information Hubs are known as Ventanilla Informativa Municipal sobre Migración (VIMMIG). In Guatemala the Hubs are centers for orientation and information. Find the list of the hubs in Guatemala here.

Information for Migrants in Belize

The Information Hubs in Belize operate through partnerships with civil society organizations and have a much more informative approach. Find the list of the hubs in Belize here.

Download here the materials available for migrants in Belize:

Information for Migrants in El Salvador

In El Salvador, the Information Hubs work as centers of information and direct, clear and reliable advice for the prevention of irregular migration. Their name is "Ventanillas de Información a Población Migrante". Find the list of the hubs in El Salvador here.

Download here the materials available for migrants in El Salvador:

Information for Migrants in Honduras

The Hubs in Honduras provide information and referral services, serving mainly returning migrants. Find the list of the hubs in Honduras here.

Information for Migrants in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the Information Hubs are called Centros Municipales para Migrantes (CMM). They provide information on regularization and access to rights; they also refer cases to health services, education and other areas.